A 17 year old male high school baseball player presented with anterior rib cage pain of about two months duration. He is 6’7”, 210 lbs. and has been looked at by both profession and college baseball scouts. He was warming up one day in the spring of 2006 and after five pitches he felt sharp pain in his mid lateral right rib cage area. He went to an orthopedic physician, with follow-up physical therapy for 6 weeks of rehabilitation. The player returned to the line up approximately one month later.  Two innings into the game he had an exacerbation of his pain in the same location. He went the emergency room and back to the orthopedic physician. Chest and Rib x-rays; Cervical, Thoracic MRI; and a Bone Scan were negative. One month after his second episode he came in to our office. Daily sharp pain was present intermittently, he couldn’t pitch, and reported a pain level of 7 out of 10 with no improvement. IRT was performed to the rib cage painful area. A Category I pelvis was corrected and T11 was adjusted. He played five days later and resumed pitching in one week without a reoccurrence. His last visit was two months later for a tune-up.