Think of what you do instinctively when you hurt yourself.  You usually rub the area, right?  Rubbing stimulates nerves in the skin that block the effects of pain-causing nerve endings, decreasing or eliminating the pain.  In some cases, like when you hurt your fingers or thumb, you instinctively shake your hand.  This also stimulates pain-blocking nerve endings in the muscles and joints and the pain is lessened.

Tapping stimulates the same types of pain-blocking nerves as rubbing or shaking.

Perform a little experiment right where you are sitting now.  Take the fingernails of one hand and pinch them into the forearm on the other side.  Pinch hard enough to create a slight bit of discomfort, and then hold the exact same pressure.  As you read this, most of you will notice that as the seconds pass, the sensation of pain will diminish, even though your pinching pressure stays the same.  You may still feel pressure, but after 30 seconds or so, most people will no longer feel any pain.

Why does this happen?  The body has a built-in pain-relief system.  When we use the Stop Your Pain Now! tapping techniques, it appears that we are enhancing these natural pain-relieving pathways, or in some cases, turning them on when they have been turned off for some reason.

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