A female, approximately 30 years old, presented with a clicking in her neck to a chiropractic colleague. Every time she would turn her head to the right, a rather loud pop would be heard in the neck. After x-rays (including flexion/extension projections) revealed no instability, it was assumed to be a tendon snapping over a bony process. This had begun two years prior after being slapped violently on the left cheek by an ex-boyfriend. After several adjustments by a colleague, there was no improvement and I was consulted on the case. AK MMT revealed left sternocleidomastoid (SCM) inhibition that would not respond to autogenic facilitation. Upon performing IRT over the left cheek, where she had been slapped, the SCM was returned to normal facilitation and the tendon immediately ceased to snap. Follow-up a year later for an unrelated complaint revealed that the problem never returned.