A 50 year old woman had endometriosis surgery 12 years ago. The blade of the endoscopic instrument nicked her descending aorta on the way in. The surgeon immediately withdrew the instrument but nicked the aorta again on the way out. She bled out on the table. Fortunately there was a cardiac surgeon in the hospital at the time. They opened her from pubis to clavicle and saved her life but she had a long and difficult recovery period. She had ischemic brain trauma from bleeding out with a number of neurological deficits. She felt she had recovered most of them except for one area when she asked for my help recently. She had a very hard time with right and left. She was taking ballroom dance classes and had a very hard time following instructions.

Before treating her I gave instructions like “bend your left elbow” or “wiggle you right toes”. She could do it but there would be a full 4 – 5 second lag time. After IRT using a laser to several brain areas she could follow these directions instantly, no lag time at all. She reports that she now has little to no trouble with right and left and can follow instructions well at class.