My 1 year old daughter had not had a bowel movement in 5 days going on 6 days and I hadn’t found much when treating her. There was no ICV nor anything else in the digestive system. I gave it one more shot tonight – she had a 51%er of her quads/Small Intestine Chapman’s Reflexes (NLs) and it occurred to me to look for an injury.***  She showed a crossed K27 TL switching pattern but I couldn’t find a tooth or TMJ so I tried having her swallow some water – and sure enough, it caused a weakening response.  She must have swallowed something that scratched her throat and disrupted her entire digestive process. So I performed IRT while she swallowed and then the quads showed up in the clear with a need to rub the Chapman’s reflexes.  30 minutes later, she had nice big bowel movement.