I strained the muscle in my right forearm doing arm pull down exercises (on a weight machine.) There were “hot spots” on the top of my forearm at my elbow and it hurt to use my wrist. I couldn’t even open and close my hand or make a fist. So I went to Stop Your Pain Now! techniques for help.

The pain on motion and the hot spots were in area #1 on the Pain Locator Chart. I first used IPR (Immediate Pain Relief) Technique and began tapping Point #1 and started to open and close my hand. The longer that I tapped Point #1, the more I could open and close my hand and the less pain I felt. Pretty soon, the pain was much less and I could use my hand, but the hot spots near my elbow were still painful to touch.

Then I used Touch and Tap Technique. I touched the hot spots near my elbow and kept tapping Point #1. Pretty soon they were also much less tender and I was able to do whatever I wanted with my hand and arm with no pain.

– Barbara Treyz, Yoga Instructor, Chapel Hill, NC