Seminar Series: “Putting out the Brain on Fire” DVD IV of Weekend Seminars


Seminar Series: “Putting out the Brain on Fire”
DVDs of 4 Weekend Seminars

The brain is our most important and complex organ. When fanned by inflammation and excess excitatory activity, brain neurons become overstimulated to the point of exhaustion and even cell death, the so-called “Brain on Fire.” Dr. Schmitt has once again simplified complicated physiology for use in daily clinical practice.

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In the “Putting Out The Brain On Fire” this seminar series Dr. Schmitt integrates structural, chemical, and mental procedures to optimize brain and brainstem functions, and put out the “Brain on Fire.”

This seminar series launches with two sessions to achieve an understanding of how to approach the immune system and inflammation through AK testing. These tools are necessary for applying the clinical principles of brain evaluation and treatment, covered in Sessions 3 & 4.

You will be amazed with the changes that can be made using your hands, nutritional tools, and your own brains.

  • For rapid implementation into your practice:
    • Ordered Procedures
    • Summary Notes included
  • Neurological evaluation synthesized with AK procedures

Some of the Common Neurological Symptoms & Conditions That Respond to the

Topics in this Seminar Series

• Memory Problems

• Anxiety

• Depression

• Bipolar Disorder

• Pain & Recurrent Pain

• Mental fatigue / Brain fag

• Sleep Issues

• Learning Issues

• Named & Unnamed Autoimmune Disorders

• Multiple Sclerosis

• Parkinson’s Disease

• Recurrent structural faults




Balancing the Brain with Hands-On Neurological Corrections 

Structural and visceral imbalances negatively impact the brain and interfere with normal function. Using information from Sessions 1, 2, & 3, you will learn organized neurological challenges to identify the specific needs of each patient including “centering the spine” issues.  During this session you will develop the skills necessary to correlate structural, chemical, and mental assessments and therapies toward achieving optimal neurological function for your patients.

Course Outline:

Review – Neurotransmitter & Cytokine Imbalances

Cerebral Cortex Descending Pathways Activity



“Figure of 8” Patterns

Finger-to-Finger Testing for Cerebellar Assessment

Correlating “Brain On Fire” Challenges

Structural, Chemical Mental

“Brain On Fire” Procedures Review

Effects of Deafferentation & Modulation of Genetic Expression

Transneural Degeneration

Synchronizing the Body’s Compartments

TMJ, eye movements, head/neck, pelvis, spine

Neurological Stimulation for cortical function


Mechanical – spinal subluxations, fixations

Mechanical / neurological (“set point technique”)

Spinal Lateral Flexion Patterns

Eye Movements in Response to Injuries

Semicircular Canals

Head Movements and SCCs

SCC Assessment

Procedure for Challenging Semicircular Canal Function

TMJ and Immune System (thymus, spleen)