Seminar Series… Functional Medicine Clinical Pearls II


Clinical Pearls – II was produced following the enthusiastic response to the Clinical Pearls – I seminar.  Each of Clinical Pearls seminars stands alone – it is not necessary to take them in any particular order.  (Note: The Clinical Pearls seminars are not applied kinesiology or neurology seminars and are designed for all clinicians.)

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Clinical Pearls – II addresses nutritional solutions to problems that confront a large percentage of our patients.  Included are some of the most commonly performed and often abnormal laboratory tests.  Dr. Schmitt suggests practical “nutritional normals” for a number of tests and demonstrates procedures for evaluating each patient’s unique nutritional status.  Once again, Dr. Schmitt’s 35-plus years of clinical experience creates a distinct perspective on “the old and the new” by pairing the best clinical information from years past with cutting edge information.

The Clinical Pearls – II seminar recordings will help you to identify and correct:

  • The 30% of patients who need anemia related nutrients, even if they are not anemic
  • Everyday nutritional factors that affect genetic expression
  • Fatty acid issues – from “vitamin F” to prostaglandins & leukotrienes
    • Dr. Schmitt’s unique presentation of fatty acids in clinical practice
    • A modern look at cholesterol and triglycerides
    • How we addressed essential fatty acids before they became popular
  • The effects of acid-alkaline imbalances on stress and spinal mechanics
  • Dietary effects on major neurotransmitters

Also included:

  • Vitamins Every Medicine Cabinet Should Contain

The Clinical Pearls DVDs are edited and fully indexed.

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