How long do the effects of the Stop Your Pain Now! tapping treatments last?

The most common question asked about pain relief from using the Stop Your Pain Now! techniques is “How long does it last?” There is no set answer to this question.

There are cases where using Stop Your Pain Now! techniques have totally and permanently eliminated pain that has been present for many years.  In other cases, the pain relief is temporary.

The difference between temporary and permanent pain relief from Stop Your Pain Now! techniques depends on the cause of the pain.  If the pain is due to an active, ongoing process such as a hormonal imbalance causing menstrual cramps, then the pain will recur then next time the woman’s period comes around.  The Stop Your Pain Now! techniques are useful natural remedies and should be performed to reduce pain and help avoid over-the-counter medications and their possible side effects, but they are not designed to address an underlying hormonal imbalance. For this, you must see your doctor, preferably one trained in natural health care approaches for endocrine (glandular) system balancing.

On the other hand, if the pain is present due to a “short-circuit” in the nervous system that resulted from an injury, then the Stop Your Pain Now! techniques are often totally effective.  Stop Your Pain Now! techniques are designed to “reset” the nervous system’s “short-circuits” by using a combination of the modern neurology of pain with ancient acupuncture / acupressure meridian principles.  Often, one correction will result in permanent relief.

Nutritional needs are the most common cause of incomplete pain relief or recurrent pain after using the Stop Your Pain Now! techniques.  These are addressed briefly in the Stop Your Pain Now! handbook and audio CD and also in my DVD video presentation entitled Stop Your Pain Now! A Self-help Guide For Acute & Chronic Pain (Injuries, Arthritis, Low Back Pain & Much More!)  Each of these items is available in our Better Health Shoppe.

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