4 - NUTRITION: Tasting Nutrients

You say that nutrients are really foods and should be chewed and tasted when taken. But what if the nutrient tastes bad?

Most people will get used to the taste of a nutrient if it is good for them. In fact, many nutrients will have a slightly pleasant taste if you need them, while they will have an unpleasant taste to those who do not have the same needs. If the taste of the nutrient cannot be tolerated, then mix it into some apple sauce, low fat cottage cheese, or some natural peanut butter, so that it can still be slightly tasted. This works well for children (and pets).

How do I taste the nutrient if it is a liquid in a perle or a powder in a capsule?

If the nutrient is a liquid in a perle, then you have two choices:

  • 1) Break the perle between your teeth, taste the nutrient, and then swallow the rest of the perle; or
  • 2) Poke a pin into the perle and squeeze out all of the oil into your mouth

If the nutrient is a powder in a capsule, then you also have two choices:

  • 1) Crack the capsule open between your teeth, taste as much of the nutrient as possible, and then swallow the rest of the capsule; or
  • 2) Open the capsule, pour the contents into your mouth, chew it up and swallow it.