Do you ever get “butterflies” in your stomach when faced with certain tasks like speaking in front of a group?  Do you ever get tightness in your abdomen or throat when thinking about an unpleasant experience?  Does the thought of a sad time such as the loss of a loved one or other past event interfere with your normal activity?

One of the most valuable applications of the Stop Your Pain Now! tapping techniques is “Emotional Stress Reduction Technique.” This simple procedure can be used any time there is emotional or mental stress.  It can be performed almost anywhere and it can be used to reduce almost all stresses – those from the past as well as those which have just occurred.

It is very simple do: just think about the stressful problem, person, or event and while thinking about it, tap 100 times on your cheekbones (Points#2 in the Stop Your Pain Now! handbook).  If you tap 4 or 5 times per second, this will take 20 to 25 seconds to complete.  As you continue tapping, you may feel a relaxation in your abdomen, your muscles, or you may even let out a sigh.

Go to the Web TV Preview section on our Home Page and watch the free video clip about how to perform “Emotional Stress Reduction Technique.”  You can also find “Emotional Stress Reduction Technique” and several important, yet simple pain relief procedures in my Stop Your Pain Now! handbook, audio CD, and DVD.