5 - NUTRITION: Indicator Testing

After I identify an Indicator of my problem, how long must I taste a nutrient before I re-measure the Indicator Test?

Within seconds. As soon as you can taste the nutrient, it means that your brain is aware of its presence in your mouth and the Indicator will either change or not change at that time.

Can a nutrient make an Indicator Test worse?

Yes. If the substance in detrimental to your health, it will make the Indicator Test worse. This is true with foods (food allergies is an example), supplements (especially if overdosed), and other toxic substances such as contaminated water. If an Indicator Test becomes worse after tasting it, avoid that substance!

If tasting a nutrient helps change an Indicator Test, should I taste it when I take it?

Absolutely! Nutritional supplements and herbal products are really foods, and hence should be tasted when taken. The only exceptions to this rule are:

  • 1) Supplements that contain hydrochloric acid or other strong acids (e.g., ribonucleic acid.) The acidity of these supplements is enough to damage tooth enamel if they are routinely chewed.
  • 2) Time-release supplements that are designed to be slowly broken down and absorbed in the digestive system.

Taste bud nerve endings are hard-wired not only to the taste centers of our brains, but to pathways leading to muscles. When we taste foods, we get an immediate reaction. In the case of a tainted food, we are able to spit it out before it gets deeper into our digestive systems. This is probably the reason that our mouths are closer to our brains than to our stomachs.