Almost 20 years ago, I published an article entitled “Molybdenum for Candida Albicans Patients and Other Problems” in the Digest of Chiropractic Economics 31:4, January-February, 1991. pp. 56-63.  This paper is reprinted in Selected Papers on Finding & Fixing Common Metabolic Faults. At that time, very few multiple vitamins contained Mo (now most do) and very few companies had an exclusive Mo product (now some do.)

Molybdenum (Mo) is an essential trace mineral which means that it is necessary for life. Three essential enzymes (aldehyde oxidase, sulfite oxidase, and xanthine oxidase) are dependent on Mo.  Some of these pathways were discussed in previous issues of THE UPLINK (#s 15, 26, 27, & 34.) 


Fungi (yeasts and molds) produce acetaldehyde as a by-product of their metabolism. Breakdown of aldehydes requires Mo, iron (Fe), B-2, and B-3 to activate the aldehyde oxidase enzyme. Fungal/yeast overgrowth in the gut often uses up our available Mo resulting in the build-up of the toxic aldehydes, which appear to further stress the gut mucosa and lower the gut resistance to dysbiosis. These aldehydes are also absorbed into the systemic circulation and affect tissues throughout the body.


Patients who are hypersensitive to fragrances, odors, or other smells are often in need of Mo. Many of these patients have developed the need for Mo due to chronic Candidiasis or other fungal issues.

Some patients also report sore or achy muscles all over their bodies, similar to the body-ache of some influenzas. This is sometimes misdiagnosed as fibromyalgia. One of my patients had a dramatic improvement in her so-called “fibromyalgia” muscle soreness by taking Mo.


Sulfate (SO4) is necessary for joint health and liver detoxification. Sulfite (SO3) is converted to sulfate by sulfite oxidase requiring Mo.  Chondroitin sulfate is the major structural component of joint cartilage. One of the most important Phase 2 liver detoxification steps is sulfation. The detoxification of all of our endogenous (or exogenous for that matter) steroid hormones and thyroid hormones includes sulfation. NSAIDs and many other common drugs also use this pathway. A need for Mo has also been seen clinically in patients with homocysteine excess where Mo is not often considered important.

Sulfites can be toxic. You will notice that many wine bottle labels say “Contains Sulfites” due to many peoples’ sensitivities to these chemicals.

Mo can help some asthma patients, particularly those who are sensitive to sulfites. In the past, restaurants used a metabisulfite substance to keep their salad bars from spoiling. This was banned because so many people reacted severely to the sulfites. I had two patients who collapsed in their food with severe respiratory distress after consuming a few bites of a salad in restaurants using sulfites.


As discussed in THE UPLINK Issue #27, Mo (and Fe) are necessary for the enzyme xanthine oxidase which is one of the pathways for elimination of ammonia waste from the body. One might be cautious with Mo supplementation in gout patients due to its effect of helping to produce uric acid.


Mo and Fe are often found working together in nature. Some patients will show an iron-deficiency type anemia that will not respond to iron, B-6 or copper.  For over 25 years, we have seen a number of cases with this type of anemia respond to Mo. Now, it is also reported elsewhere.


Mo, zinc, and manganese are antagonists to copper. Most patients with excess copper require Mo and often Zn and Mn. Many copper toxic patients require folic acid and/or pantothenic acid as well.


In the QUINTESSENTIAL APPLICATIONS  CLinical Protocol there are multiple steps that will identify the need for Mo (QA Steps 7, 8b, 8d, 9-11, & 19.)  If the patient has yeast or mold problems, anemia, inflammation, heavy metal issues, joint symptoms, liver detoxification problems, or any indication of a problem with homocysteine, you will be guided to test for Mo during these steps. However, since Mo is an essential mineral, it is acceptable to test for it with any weak muscle after clearing injuries in QA Step 4.

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“JUST CALL IT MOLY”: Many patients have difficulty pronouncing “molybdenum.” My grandfather owned a foundry where they used Mo in their grey iron castings. One day I asked him how he communicated with his foundry workers about molybdenum since it is difficult for so many to pronounce.  He said that it was no problem – they all just called it “moly.” So I tell my patients and staff the same thing: “Just call it ‘moly.’”

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